Jamaica St Ann 544B (part)

28th Mar 1836 | 0 Enslaved | £1621 13s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 291.


The Matter of John William Blagrove, a lunatic. This is one-third of St Ann claim no. 544.


Times 05/06/182 p. 3: 'The late John Blagrove Esq., who died in April 1824, and the owner of 1500 slaves in Jamaica, by the following clause in his will, marks at once his feelings for his slaves, which few men would bestow upon the free labourers of England. We suspect however that Mr John Blagrove has not, nor will have many imitators in the colonies; "And lastly, to my loving people, denominated and recognized by the law as, and being in fact my slaves, in Jamaica, but more estimated and considered by me and my family as tenants for life, attached to the soil, I bequeath a dollar for every man, woman, and child as a small token of my regard for their faithful and affectionate service and willing labours to myself and my family, being reciprocally bound in one general tie of master and servant in the prosperity of the land, from which we draw our mutual comforts and subsistence in our several relations (a tie and interest not practised on by the hired labourer of the day in the UK), the contrary of which doctrine is held only by the visionists of the puritanical orders against the common feeling of mankind.'


Times 27/03/1857: Chancery suit re John Blagrove's will about priorities of annuities to grandchildren, since the estate could not service them all.


See also St Ann claim nos. 542, 543 etc.


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