Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey 178 (Essex (?) and Wilmington)

30th Jan 1836 | 83 Enslaved | £1678 10s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 299.

T71/867:claim by 'The Heirs and Executors of Wm Carter'. Counterclaims by 'Burage (sp?) Davenport of London, merchant, the Hon Samuel Jackson Dallas of Kingston his attorney', judgement creditor for £246 19s 11d; and Anna Carter 'only surviving executrix of Wm Carter and devisee and trustee under his will'. Anna Carter admitted the counterclaim for £246 19s 11d on 05/11/1835. On 27/01/1836 Chas Carter withdrew this admission and Geo. Green, official assignee of Mr Davenport, withdrew the counterclaim.

T71/1592 p 35 letter from Compensation Commissioners to Mrs Anna Carter, 17 Finegal Place, Edinburgh dated 17/5/1834 about the rules for claiming compensation [i.e. Carter was an early and alert claimant].

T71/1592: letter dated 24/03/1835 to A. Carter of 1 Sylvan Place, Edinburgh, on behalf of of Mrs Anna Carter re payment mechanisms.

T71/1200: counterclaim from Mrs Anna Carter, late of the above estates in the Island of Jamaica now residing in Edinburgh at 9 Preston St, Edinburgh, executrix of Wm Carter.

T71/150 p. 95: enslaved persons registered by Charles Scott as attorney to Mrs Anna Carter in 1832.

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St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey
Claim No.
Essex (?) and Wilmington

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Beneficiary deceased
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Judgement creditor)

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