Jamaica St George 222 (Pleasant Mount Plantation)

3rd Oct 1836 | 39 Enslaved | £756 4s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 54.

T71/869: claim from Isabella Graham (an absentee), as 'Tenant for life and conditionally residuary devisee in Tail'. See also St George claim no. 223.

T71/163 p. 128: Isabella Graham registered 4 enslaved persons in 1832.

T71/163 p. 140: Isabella Graham registered 5 enslaved persons in 1832, as attorney for Elizabeth Ohlson.

Jamaica Almanac (1826 & 1833): estate registered to John Myers.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): 6 enslaved persons on Waterfall estate registered to Isabella Graham.

T71/999: claim by John Myers, as attorney to Isabella Graham, late of St George, a widow, but now an absentee from this island, tenant for life etc. Enslaved persons had belonged to Isabella Graham's father Robert Brown, now deceased along with Isabella Graham's husband Wm. Graham.

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St George
Claim No.
Pleasant Mount Plantation
Collected by
Ranken, John

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