Jamaica St George 342 (Gibraltar Estate)

30th Nov 1838 | 389 Enslaved | £6724 7s 9d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/869: claim from Adam Gray and Anthony Davis, as receivers. Long list of creditor counterclaims, including C.N. Bayly and Thos. Farquhar Hill; and Luke Thomas Crossley etc.

T71/1607: letter from Brook & Cutler, stating that there is a compromise coming, but delay because of 'parties being resident in distant parts of the country'.

T71/163 p.134: 13 enslaved persons registered in 1832 by Adam Gray.

Jamaica Almanac (1831-1833): estate registered to Roger Kynaston.  

Jamaica Almanac (1826): estate registered to Wentworth Bayly.

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St George
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Gibraltar Estate

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Awardee (Receiver)

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