Jamaica St Elizabeth 399A & B (Biscany Estate)

4th Jul 1836 | 210 Enslaved | £4363 4s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 302.

399(A): Sir J. M. Wallace received £2181 12s 4d, 04/07/1836; 399B - Ritchie & Stirling received £2181 12s 4d, 17/07/1837.

T71/870: claim by Hugh Ritchie Wallace. Counterclaim by Sir James Maxwell Wallace to an undivided moiety; counterclaim by A.W. Hamilton and others, as trustees and legatees for £16066 5s 10d under a marriage settlement [sic] dated 23 August 1780. Ritchie and Stirling appear to be surviving trustees (A.W. Hamilton died).

T71/1593 p. 334: letter, dated 23/11/1836, to Robert Wallace MP, Kelly, Greenock, Scotland, alerting him to hearings, covering St Elizabeth claim nos. 399, 400 and 741, and Westmoreland claim no. 483.

T71/1608: letter, dated 09/03/1837, from Macdougal & Co., 44 Parliament St., stating that Messrs Wallace Hunter, of Greenock, Scotland, merchants, are counterclaimants. Letter, dated 20/04/1836, from R. Wallace, 8 Manchester Buildings, stating: 'My brother is joint proprietor of 399...the Estate was always named that of Hugh Wallace who was father of the present holder'.

T71/177 p 463: enslaved persons registered by H.R. Wallace in 1832 (misindexed as H.R. Wallen).

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St Elizabeth
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399A & B
Biscany Estate

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Awardee (Trustee)

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