Jamaica Hanover 575 (Esher Estate)

8th Feb 1836 | 222 Enslaved | £4334 19s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 69.

T71/915 p. 78: claim from James Greig, of London, as owner-in-fee.

T71/198 p. 256: Robert Allwood registered enslaved persons in 1832, as attorney.

T71/1593: James Greig, of 23 Threadneedle St., London, held a power of attorney for Hanover claim no. 605 (see also T71/1594).   

Robson's Directory 1835: In 1835 23 Threadneedle Street was a multi-occupier address with no James Greig evident.

‘Slaves in the colonies’, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1826-7 (111) (146): Robert Allwood characterised himself as in possesion of Esher estate, as agent for the assignees of Robert Edie Esq..

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Claim No.
Esher Estate
Collected by
Greig, J.

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