Jamaica St James 580 (Millenium Hall)

8th Feb 1836 | 40 Enslaved | £727 2s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 73.

T71/873: claim from Francis Blower Gibbes, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by Dr Charles Edward Bernard, as judgement creditor and as executor and trustee of Edw. Mountague, for £1400 and £756. Francis Blower Gibbes, 'by his attorney Charles Edward Bernard', waived his claim and admitted the counterclaim of Dr Charles Edward Bernard. Charles Edward Bernard then withdrew the counterclaim, and payment went to Francis Blower Gibbes.

T71/222: Francis Blower Gibbes registered 28 enslaved persons on Millenium Hall estate in 1832.

T71/1592: Charles Edward Bernard, of Bristol, 'states himself to be the Agent of Mrs Francis Blower Gibbes, who apears to be in possession and in whose name the original claim was filed'. Letters, dated 02/10/1835 and 27/11/1835, from the Court of Chancery, re. payment and re. the timing on Kingston claim no. 2364.

See also St James claim no. 581 for Francis Blower Gibbes as resident; however, categorised as absentee/merchant for Charles Edward Bernard.

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St James
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Millenium Hall
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Bernard, CE

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