Jamaica Trelawny 208 (Cambridge Estate)

22nd Nov 1841 | 224 Enslaved | £4392 12s 4d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/874: claim by Edward Barrert Moulton Barrett, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from C.N. Pallmer, Martin Williams and Richard Barrett, 'under the titles stated for £80,587 as legal and equitable incumbrances in respect of several breaches of trust committed by Edward Barrett'. 16/10/1841: 'letter from Messrs Pownall & Cross(?) dated 15/10/1841  enclosing statement that Edward Barrert Moulton Barrett is not owner in fee as stated in original claim but tenant for life and that Charles John Moulton Barrett (now the eldest son) is tenant in tail, both deriving their titles under the will of Edward Barrettt dated 13/11/1798'. All interest and accumulation went to Edward Barrert Moulton Barrett; the principal went to Edward Barrert Moulton Barrett and Charles John Moulton Barrett together.

Edward B. Moulton Barrett is given in St James claim no. 651 as of Sidmouth, Devon.

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Cambridge Estate

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