Montserrat 168 (Morris's)

29th Feb 1836 | 80 Enslaved | £1537 12s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 136.

See also Montserrat claim no. 3.

T71/1602: letter, dated 24/11/1835, from Michael Jos. Semper, 5 Mortimer Terrace, Kentish Town, filing forms.

T71/1610: letter, dated 13/01/1836, from Michael Jos. Semper, 31 Keppel St., asking for returns showing negroes in each class and the appraisement of the same.  

Michael Joseph Semper was an active attorney on the island at the time of the 1831 slave registration: eg. T71/451 p. 30 (to Dudley Semper, brother of Michael Joseph Semper senior); T71/451 p. 30 p. 8 (to the estate of Clement Kirwan) etc.

‘Slaves in the colonies’, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1826-7 (111) (146) p. 5: Michael Joseph Semper (senior?) was Deputy Provost Marshal in 1826 - he declared no enslaved persons, nor any interest in mortgages. Dudley Semper, as Senior Puisne Judge, registered 500 enslaved persons, owned 'several' plantations and was 'greatly interested' in mortgages etc..

Times 19/07/1839 p. 5: Mr Burge opened an appeal in the Privy council from the Court of Chancery in Montserrat - Elizabeth Kirwan widow versus Michael J. Semper.

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