St Vincent 568 (Cane Grove)

22nd Feb 1836 | 206 Enslaved | £5933 0s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 155.

T71/892: claim by Warner Ottley 'for himself and for T.A. Curtis and J.H. Forbes trustees under the will of James Wilson deceased.' Reserve for 8 enslaved persons set up, statement filed 21/11/1838 to obtain the award for the reserve, enclosing documents including 'copies of the proceeding in court of St Vincent on the part of Abba and Kitty Brown v the executors of James Wilson to obtain their freedom'. Award made to Warner Ottley et al on 22/04/1839 for an additional £212 5s 2d.

T71/500 p 128: enslaved persons registered to James Wilson deceased by John McFee in 1834.

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St Vincent
Claim No.
Cane Grove
Collected by
Curtis, TA one of the Proprs

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