St Lucia 547 (Diamond)

13th Mar 1837 | 77 Enslaved | £2053 12s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 316.


T71/884: claim by Veuve Alexander. no sign of why Joseph and Charles Marryat won the award. But cf St Lucia claim no. 329 for judicial sales of these estates.  

T71/1245: counterclaim by Robertina Alexander dated 28/08/1834, 'Wm Alexander having by his last will and testament the 14th July 1802 contrary to the existing law of this colony benefitted his sons to the prejudice of his daughters...'

T71/1245: counterclaim by David Baillie, 4 Audley Square for the heirs and representatives of the late James Baillie, Edmund Thornton and Duncan Campbell. Bond and mortgage dated 29/04/1814 by the widow of William Alexander, acknowledging a balance of £10,400 10s 4d due to Baillie, Thornton and Campbell. The replication shows Widow Alexander as Elizabeth Motet Alexander.

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