St Lucia 754 (Saphir)

7th May 1838 | 81 Enslaved | £2095 10s 4d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/884: claim by Veuve Roudier and one other as owner-in-fee. Counterclaims including Rev Morris Forsyth of Mortlach Banffshire [Scotland] and George Forsyth of Leadenhall St., merchant, executors of James Forsyth as judgment creditors for £8492 6s 8d. Counterclaim also from John Deacon of Birch Lane, banker and Alex . Gillespie of Sunny Side Lodge near Lanark [Scotland], who have survived Charles Campbell, judgement creditors for £645. [cf Manchester claim no. 441 for Deacon, Gillsepie, Campbell as trustees of J.Inglis]. Counterclaim from William Muter vs Roudier. The award to Roudier was appealed by Wm Muter to the Privy Council [Court of Chancery on 07/05/1838 awarded half and half to Roudier and George Forsyth]. George Forsyth died on 08/05/1838 (or notice received then) [but this does not fit with other sources giving his death as 1860: it is far more likely that this refers to Rev. Morris Forsyth, who did indeed die in 1838]. Cf the division of compensation in St Lucia claim nos. 755 and 756.


T71/390 p. 1502: enslaved persons registered to 'Demoiselles Urbanie et Clemence Roudier et Dame Veuve Roudier ci devant Roudier & Haure'

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St Lucia
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