St Vincent 4A-C (Kingstown)

20th Mar 1837 | 28 Enslaved | £665 14s 0d

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No number of enslaved persons shown in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/892: £36 6s 7d to Mary Arrindell for 1 enslaved person; £290 15s 3d to Alexander Cruikshank (judgement creditor) in 15/04/1839; and £338 12s 2d to James Bogle Smith et al. on 07/10/1839. James Bogle Smith et al apparently trustees of marriage settlement of M. Laborde and F. Lacroix.


T71/1610: letter dated 04/05/1839 from J.B. Smith & Co, 15 Tokenhouse Yard asking if there was any impediment to payment to Alexander Cruikshank?


T71/1622 (6): James Bogle Smith (merchant), James Williamson and Henry Hill (solicitors) were trustees, RA [Richard Arrindell?] having life interest in 14 enslaved persons, but Alexander Cruikshank to get interest and divs during RA's life (does the principal go to Remaindermen? - there are none named: T71/1304 'to the trusts under the deed of settlement dated 22/12/1787').


T71/1304: Alexander Cruikshank counterclaimed though his attorney Gilbert Munro.

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St Vincent
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