St Vincent 636 (Kearton's)

20th May 1837 | 111 Enslaved | £178 18s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. T71/892: Henry Lindow Lindow was awarded only £178 18s 4d for moiety of 14 enslaved persons. Remainder appears to be subject of a suit. Total compensation was £3053 17s 0d. Claim was by Geo Colqhoun Grant and Thos Choppin, trustees under the marriage settlement of Jas Crosby and wife. Counterclaims from John Cropper of Liverpool, creditor of Ann Kearton, for £2400 and upwards.


T71/500 pp. 147-8: James Crosby registered 97 enslaved persons in right of his wife in 1834 and 14 for James Crosby and Wm Lindow Lindow.


T71/1593 p 135: JC = 17 Woburn Place, Russell Square.


See St Vincent claim no. 653 for ambiguity of James Crosby's status as resident or absentee.

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