Tobago 6 (Buccoo)

2nd May 1836 | 251 Enslaved | £4897 15s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 150.

T71/891: claim by William Robt. Keith Douglas as executor and trustee of Walter Irvine.

Times 20/5/1840 p. 7: House of Lords appeal of Lady Douglas and others v Kirkpatrick. Walter Irvine was a planter in Tobago who, on his return to England in 1796 bought an estate in Surrey where he died in Januuary 1824. He left a large estate in Scotland, possessed by Lady Douglas (daughter of late Walter Irvine), by virtue of marriage settlement. Kirkpatrick (nephew of Walter Irvine) alleged that Walter Irvine made false representations to his sisters 'respecting the nature and extent of the personal succession which had opened to them' upon the death of an elder brother Charles Irvine, which induced them to execute trust-deeds and they now sought to overturn trust deeds. 'In the course of proceedings it was intimated that the case had been in Chancery for 27 years.'

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