Tobago 25A & B (Montpellier)

9th May 1836 | 122 Enslaved | £2458 10s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 150.


Award split. 25A: £1639 0s 4d to Mitchell & Wm. S. Wilson. 25B: £819 10s 2d to Martha Euphemia Wilson. Original claim by James Cunningham of Bristol. Counterclaim by Miss M.E. Wilson of the City of London, as prior mortgagee amount due on principal £1000 and £250 as interest thereon at 5%; counterclaim by William Mitchell of Bodmin, Cornwall and the Rev William Sloane Wilson of Kings Brompton, Somerset, Clerk, as mortgagees for £4100 principal. Admitted but confined to 2/3rds estate.

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Claim No.
25A & B
Collected by
Gordon, A (A); Henry Maltby (B)

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Awardee (Mortgagee)
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