Trinidad 643A-C

29th Feb 1836 | 14 Enslaved | £558 13s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 161.

643A: £177 1s 1d went to Alexander Littlepage.

643B: £44 4s 7d went to John B. Littlepage and Anna Maria Littlepage.

643C: £337 7s 4d went to Joseph and Charles Marryat (T71/893: shows the Marryats acting as trustees for the Littlepage minors).

T71/1593 p. 298: letter, dated 17/10/1836, to J. R. Littlepage, of 10 Maida Hill, Edgware Road, stating that there was no problem with you being a trustee, but tell us who else. J. R. Littlepage had given the names of the Marryats, but the Marryats had declined to act.

T71/1611: letter, dated 15/10/1836, from J. R. Littlepage stating that a portion of claim was due to the children of J. R. Littlepage.

T71/518 p. 3227:  J. B. Littlepage registered 11 enslaved persons, as the husband of Anna Maria Littlepage.

T71/518 p. 3228: J. B. Littlepage registered 14 enslaved persons, as the father and guardian of Alexander W. Littlepage etc.

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