Trinidad 841

5th Sep 1836 | 1 Enslaved | £64 0s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 323.

T71/893: claim by Anna Archibald of Glasgow by Robert Finlay, her agent. Anna Archibald is a minor of 8 years of age, Eliza T. Thomas of Glasgow is her grandmother.

T71/1592: letter to Mrs Dowdey c/o John Petrie, 4 North St , Andrew St., Edinburgh: and again p. 263, to Mrs Eliza Dowdy providing consent for guardians of infants to receive compensation, as long as it was not over £200.

T71/1593 p 224: letter dated 24/6/1836 to Mrs Thomas at Mr Robertsons, 188 Irongate, Glasgow, stating there is no award yet because of tax outstanding and acounterclaim from Baillie as a result - pay the tax and you'll get the award.

See Dominica claim no. 859 for id of Eliza Archibald (aka Eliza Dowdy, aka Eliza T. Thomas.)

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