Barbados 3204 (Seawells)

2nd May 1836 | 224 Enslaved | £4746 1s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 189.

T71/898: claim from John Newton Lane, of England, as owner-in-fee.

T71/555: enslaved persons were registered by Nath Cave, as manager for John N. Lane.

J. R. Ward, 'The Profitability of Sugar Planting in the British West Indies, 1650-1834', Economic History Review, 31 (2) (May, 1978), pp. 197-213: shows the Seawells estate earning £837 per annum between 1799-1804, with a rate of interest of 3.7% (sourced to London University Library, Newton Papers MS 523).

John Habakkuk, Marriage, debt and the estate system (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1994) p. 454: shows John Newton, of Barbados, buying the estate at King's Bromley in Staffordshire 'sometime before 1686', and comments in a footnote of p. 738 that 'the Newtons retained their Barbados estate until 1773'.

Alan Howard, The Lane Inheritance: Kings Bromley and Barbados (Kings Bromley, Kings Bromley Historians, 2011): John Newton Lane inherited Seawells and Newton in Barbados in 1794 with his brother Thomas Lane (1754-1824) of the Grange, Leyton from their [first?] cousins Lady Sarah Holte and Mrs Elizabeth Newton, who were the descendants of Samuel Newton (also from Kings Bromley, d. 1684: Sarah and Elizabeth's father also Samuel Newton had married Elizabeth Fowler, aunt of John and Thomas Lane's mother Sarah Fowler, who had married John Lane 1723-1782). Thomas Lane administered both plantations.

Deed of partition for Seawells and Newton: Newton Papers MS523/972: in 1820, John Lane took Seawells and Thomas Lane took Newton.

National Probate Calendar 1870: Letters of admin., with Will and 3 codicils attached of the personal estate and effects of John Newton Lane late of Kings Bromley Manor [Staffs.] who died 13/10/1869 at King's Bromley granted to John Henry Bagot Lane son and reisduary legatee, effects under £20,000.

The line of inheritance was John Henry Bagot Lane [1829-1886], George Alfred Osborne Lane [1875-1936] (John Henry Bagot Lane's third son), Richard William Walter de Lone Lane [1908-1984] (G.A.O.Lane's nephew). Seawells was sold in 1937 to the Barbados governments and became Seawells airport, subsequently renamed Grantley Adams airport.

See also Barbados claim no. 3245 (Newton).

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