Barbados 4695A & B

24th Apr 1837 | 36 Enslaved | £817 11s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 327.

T71/899: claim by J.W. Leacock, owner-in-fee. Counterclaims inter alios from Rev. William Marshall Harte, curate of St Marys Bridge Town, judgement creditor exec., issued 16/05/1829, for £402 13s 101/4d currency with interest. Other smaller counterclaims appear to have been admitted.  

4695A: £318 2s 7d went to Rev. William Marshall Harte.

4695B: £92 5s 4d went to Benjamin Stoute, 26/12/1837; £72 14s 9d went to Benjamin Stoute and William Howard Jordan ; £334 8s 5d went to J. W. Leacock.

See also an earlier claim from Rev. William Marshall Harte.

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4695A & B

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