Antigua 316 (Cedar Hill, River Estate)

19th Oct 1835 | 123 Enslaved | £1967 12s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 82.  


T71/877: claim from William Byam, as owner-in-fee. William Byam acted as attorney on e.g. Antigua claim no. 308.


T71/1609 unnumbered bundle: letter, dated 28/08/1835, from Jas. Coverton, Chapel House, Wargrave nr. Maidenhead, stating: here is my father's counterclaim on Martin Byam's estate in Antigua. Letter, dated 26/08/1835, from Coverton, complaining that in attending in person on several days at the counterclaim office he had not obtained the details of the claim he needed to file a counterclaim.


T71/1592 p. 217: letter, dated 27/08/1835, to Jas. Covernton junior, apologising, and (p. 221, dated 29/08/1835) acknowledging the counterclaim.


T71/250: William Byam was the resident proprietor of Cedar Hill at the time of the 1832 Registration, and valuer (T71/735).


‘Slaves in the colonies’, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1826-7 (111) (146) p. 4: William Byam (Assistant Justice) registered 606 enslaved persons, as proprietor, attorney and executor.

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Cedar Hill, River Estate
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Shand, Wm.

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