Barbados 2953 (Edgecumbe)

25th Apr 1836 | 176 Enslaved | £3621 14s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 188.

T71/556 p. 24: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 for Christopher Barrow, by his attorney Edward Thomas.

James A. Thome and Joseph H. Kimball, Emancipation in the West Indies: A six months' tour in Antigua, Barbadoes, and Jamaica in the year 1837 (New York, American Anti-slavery Society, 1838) pp. 258-259: Christopher Barrow described as the cleverest man in Barbados.

John Bowen Colthurst and Woodville K. Marshall, The Colthurst journal: journal of a special magistrate in the islands of Barbados and St. Vincent, July 1835-September 1838 (New York, KTO Press, 1977) p. 98: Mr Barrow, a member of Council and as attorney for an estate ordering non-observance of 11th August as annual holiday. Footnote p. 98 identifies Christopher Barrow as owner of Edgecumbe plantation in St Philip, attorney for several estates, and member of Legislative Council.

Ibid. p. 99: 'In this case, the love of gain, and an impotent attempt to cling to a lost authority exposed Mr B. to a defeat by his own negroes [who refused to work], which, above all things, should not be EVEN RISKED, and which no planter in his right senses would put himself in the way of, beside being utterly regardless of affording his assistance to the Executive as a member of Council, or, most material of all, civilizing his own people.'

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