Barbados 3127 (Hopefield)

4th Jul 1836 | 154 Enslaved | £3334 6s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.

T71/898: Counterclaim from Richard Boucher Callender, of Bristol, for mortgage and judgement, together amounting to £3065 1s 21/2d.

T71/1593 pp. 2-3: letter, dated 04/12/1835, to Edward Meredith, of 15 Magdalen Terrace, Bristol, referring to the mechanics of filing a counterclaim.

T71/556 p. 54: enslaved persons were registered by Mary Jane Callender, as owner, in 1834.

Henry Fraser and Ronnie Hughes, Historic Houses of Barbados (Barbados, Barbados National Trust, 1986), p. 41: "In 1680 Hopefield was a small property of 50 acres owned by Robert Boucher, the parish boundary between St Philip and Christ Church running through the plantation yard. In 1753 Clement Boucher bequeathed Hopefield to his daughter Mary, wife of Richard Callender. By 1777 it was owned by the Callender family until 1881 when the original 50 acres had grown to 236 acres. In that year George Gaskin Callender sold to James Edward Ince."

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