Barbados 57

7th Mar 1836 | 1 Enslaved | £29 2s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 171.

T71/1611: letter, dated 25/12/1842, from Penelope W. Wickham, 5 Dean Haugh, Edinburgh, stating: 'I see by a paper' that the time for claims is running out and the claim for David Moyer McGibbon has never been brought forwards. According to the letter, David Moyer McGibbon was a surgeon in 35th Regt. The enslaved persons belonged to his wife, who was Penelope W. Wickham husband's sister. David Moyer McGibbon and his wife died long before the compensation was paid, so there was no issue. Mrs Moyer McGibbon had a brother, Richard S. Wickham, a Capt in the 1st WI regiment. The letter states that he is abroad, and that 'I think he is the heir so I claim for him'.

Two letters from Capt. Richard Wickham - from Barbadoes, dated 24/12/1842 (to counterclaim) and from St Kitts, dated 29/11/1842 (to M. R. Todd in Barbados/Bermuda). The second letter names 4 enslaved persons, 'and one whose name I do not recollect'. The second letter begins: 'I was sitting with your brother in law John Osbourn', and is addressed to Henry Hill, enclosing the first letter.

See also Barbados claim nos. 2516 and 5004 for Richard and Penelope Wickham claims.

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