Antigua 126 (George Byam's)

5th Oct 1835 | 63 Enslaved | £932 4s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 81.


T71/877: Samuel Athill Turner was the administrator of Samuel Athill. NB it is ambiguous whether this was Samuel Athill (1786-1811), the son of Samuel Byam Athill and Mary Lynch (who was Samuel Athill Turner's uncle), or more plausibly Samuel Athill, son of John Athill (1766-1802) and Mary Redhead, who died in India c. 1829 and who was certainly one of beneficiaries under the will of his uncle James Athill Chief Justice of Antigua, who directed that his estate Byam's should be sold after his death (in 1822) and the proceeds shared between Samuel Athill (d. c. 1829) and three of his siblings.


T71/250: Samuel Athill Turner is listed in the Slave Registers of 1832 as attorney to the trustees of Charles Turner.

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George Byam's
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Athill, John

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