British Guiana 639A, B&C (Covent Garden)

12th Dec 1836 | 72 Enslaved | £3895 0s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

The award was split: £992 3s 3d went to Voomberg & Linsen; £2,500 went to Little & Mitchell; £402 17s 4d went to Osborn.

T71/885: Little & Mitchell were assignees of the remaining assets of Messrs. Rickards & Mackintosh & Co.. The claim was by the heirs of John Osborn.  

T71/1610: letter from H. Mason, 18 Warwick St., Cockspur St., claiming entitlement to the overplus of Rickards' claims. H. Mason also applied to Baker & Hodgson for 'Your award' (H. Mason was an agent for Mr Osborn).

See British Guiana claim no. 636 for Rickards & Mackintosh, a London firm of East India Agents.

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British Guiana
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639A, B&C
Covent Garden

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