British Guiana 313 (Mary's Hope)

15th Aug 1836 | 202 Enslaved | £10543 12s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

T71/885: claim by Robert Taitt, as co-proprietor, and the estate of Wm. Kewley (deceased). A.R. Hollingsworth and David Melville were curators of the estate of Wm. Kewley. Counterclaims include Robert Taitt, as executor of the late Joseph Bush and guardian and trustee of his children, for a mortgage of £19,043 14s 0d; Geo. Augustus Forbes Bush, for himself and as attorney of Robert Lucas and others, residuary legatees and heirs of Joseph Bush, late of London (deceased), for a mortgage of £16000; George Henry Hooper, of 11 Coleman St. Buildings, under assignment for £5000.

T71/445 p. 291: Robert Taitt made a return for 2 enslaved persons in 1834.

T71/1610: letter, dated 07/10/1835, from Rev. R. Allwood, York Place, Clifton, asking about whether the mortgage for the late Jas. Black [sic?] had been laid against Mary's Hope.

T71/1254: letter, dated 30/05/1836, from Geo. A.F. Bush, 9 Park St., Bristol, stating: 'having made arrangements for the satisfactory liquidation of the counterclaim which I had filed in Berbice, withdraw counterclaim.' Bush and his brothers and sisters were all of Bristol. George Henry Hooper also withdrew his counterclaim on 10/08/1836.

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British Guiana
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Mary's Hope

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