Antigua 11B

27th Nov 1837 | 0 Enslaved | £1209 12s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 308.

Number of enslaved persons included under Antigua claim no. 11A.

T71/877: James Thompson was the claimant. James Thompson received £713 7s 5d and the interest on the balance for Thomas Clark's life as execution creditor of Thomas Clark the claimant. James Cavan and J. M'Kellar received £496 5s 3d principal. See also Antigua claim no. 11A for James Thompson. Counterclaim by John M'Kellar, of (2) Judd Place East, New Road, Middlesex, 'oldest son of John McKellar, as sole trustee under a deed 29th January 1807 between Claimant and his late wife Mary Clark - the compensation for 25 slaves.'

 T71/1593 p.10-11: letter, dated 08/12/1835, to Mrs McKellar of Judd Place East, New Road, stating that the late counterclaim was allowed.

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