British Guiana 2518 (Marionville)

18th Jan 1836 | 163 Enslaved | £8668 19s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 133.

T71/887: claim from Charles Selkrig, by his attorney M. McTurk.

T71/432 p. 1541: enslaved persons were registered by M. McTurk in 1832. No ownership details are given.

The estate was previously owned by Robert Selkrig and Hugh Fraser. See [accessed 02/01/2012]: "Robert Selkrig, who died at Edinburgh on 5 March 1823, was the joint-owner of the sugar plantation Marionville on Wakenaam Island, Essequibo, in partnership with a Hugh Fraser, who died in 1812. Selkrig is first recorded in Guyana in 1810, when he bought a plot of land in Cumingsburg and in 1815 he was a member of the committee set up to establish a Scots kirk in Demerara. He had earlier been active as a merchant in the island of Nevis [Answers for Robert Selkrig, of the island of Nevis, and Charles Selkrig, accountant in Edinburgh, sons of the deceased Robert Selkrig, merchant in Edinburgh; to the petition of William Coats, merchant in Glasgow, 1788]. After Robert's death his brother Charles Selkrig [1757-1837] continued to have an interest in the plantation. In his will [SC70/1/30] Robert left £50 a year to a 'mulatto woman' in Demerara named Christian."

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British Guiana
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Couthurst, Wm of Sir CTrotter etc.

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