British Guiana 662 (Nismes)

18th Jul 1836 | 162 Enslaved | £8748 19s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

T71/885: shows British Guiana claim nos. 662 & 663 together. Claim by the heirs of Milliken Craig and John Craig. Counterclaim by J.J. Bysterus Heemskerk, as 1st mortgagee; and by Rear Adm. Charles Adam, apparently in his own right, for the enslaved persons under British Guiana no. 662 (lien £5209 13s 9d) and as executor of Francis James Adam (lien £42,191 2s 8d) for the enslaved persons under British Guiana no. 663. Peter Rose was the attorney for Sir Charles Adam.  

T71/430 p. 760: Michael McTurk registered 282 enslaved persons on Nismes estate for Michael McTurk and A. McRae, (as attorneys?) in 1832.

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British Guiana
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