British Guiana 2345 (Ridge)

21st Nov 1836 | 143 Enslaved | £7929 7s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 132.

T71/887: claimed as owner-in-fee by transfer.

T71/432 p. 1458: 152 enslaved persons were registered by Colin Simson, A. McRae and W. Urquhart, as curators over the estate of Evan Fraser (deceased).

See also British Guiana claim no. 2321 for Wilkinson Dent and others of Campbell Dent.

Times 10/05/1833 p. 1: dissolution of co-partnership of the firms of Colin Campbell & Co., Glasgow, Messrs. Campbell Dent & Co., Rotterdam, and Messrs. Dent Campbell and Co., of Antwerp.

Times 18/12/1838 p. 5: reference to a Privy Council appeal in 'Campbell v. Dent' from British Guiana.

London Gazette, Issue 19061, 25/06/1833 p. 1232: sale by the curators of Evan Fraser (deceased), on 20/12/1833, of Ridge (a sugar plantation on Wakenaam, with 148 enslaved persons), and Pleasing Hope and Windsor (a sugar plantation, north Leguan Island, River Essequebo, with 115 'fair average gang'). The inventories may be seen at the offices of A. & J. Campbell, or the late firm of Messrs. Colin Campbell & Co., and the offices of the late firm of Messrs. Colin Campbell, Dent & Co., of Rotterdam.

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