British Guiana 287A & B (L'Esperance)

23rd Nov 1835 | 45 Enslaved | £2485 10s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 118.


287A: £338 2s 6d went to Joseph Frederick Schwartz.


287B: £2147 7s 9d went to Jacob Bernolot Moens.


T71/885: claim by G. Prasse and Edwd. Hicks, as sequestrators of C.A. Kregt [?]. Counterclaim by Joseph Frederick Schwartz, as judgement creditor, and Jacob Bernelot Moens and John Dauncey as mortgagees for £2975 13s 7d. Admitted. Jacob Bernelot Moens was acting as attorney for John Dauncey.

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British Guiana
Claim No.
287A & B
Collected by
Moens, JB

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