British Guiana 197 (Plantation Hope and Experiment)

25th Jan 1836 | 139 Enslaved | £7244 5s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 317.

T71/885: claim from Hugh McCalmont, as owner. Counterclaim from the 'late firm of Hils and Co of Amsterdam', as mortgagees for £14,449 19s 3d.

T71/445 p. 145: return by Campbell Faloon, as Hugh McCalmont's attorney, in 1834.

See also British Guiana claim no. 218.

T71/1253: Hugh McCalmont bought the enslaved persons on 26/05/1834 on the express understanding that the compensation money went to the vendor Mrs Arabelle Morris (counterclaim made by representatives of Hils & co.).

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British Guiana
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Plantation Hope and Experiment

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