British Guiana 166 (Foulis)

25th May 1836 | 348 Enslaved | £17532 6s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 317.

The award was split: £15668 5s 2d went to the Daniels; £1864 1s 4d went to Ansell.

T71/885: claim by Thomas Ansell, as executor of William Munro (deceased). Counterclaim by the Daniels, for a mortgage of £28,980 13s 8d. Counterclaim also by Anna Munro Nixon, 'assisted by her husband', for a mortgage of £2014 3s 4d. 'Consent of Thos Daniel and John Daniel that £15668 5s 2d be paid to them, and £1864 1s 4d to TA - also consent of sd TA to said arrangement'.

T71/1610: letter, dated 13/11/1835, from J. Lyons Nixon, 11 Cavendish Square, London, stating: I am back from St Kitts, the agent failed to file a counterclaim versus Thomas Ansell, may I file late? Letter, dated 08/01/1836, from Lyons Nixon, 12 York Place, Clifton, Bristol, stating: let me know when I should be there with you to prove my claims, I don't want to delay the claimant.

T71/1252: withdrawal by Anna M. Nixon and J. Lyons Nixon, 'having arranged with the original claimant for the satisfaction of our counter claim'.

Anna M. Nixon (nee Barrette) was the ward of Wm. Munro and in 1825, on her marriage, was given mortgage over 11 enslaved persons.

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British Guiana
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