British Guiana 616 (East Hog)

25th Jul 1836 | 95 Enslaved | £4960 10s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 121.

T71/885: claim from B. James Hopkinson (Parliamentary Papers erroneously shows B. Thomas Hopkinson), as trustee to the estate of John Thomas Hopkinson. A note says: 'awarded to claimant under order of the Court of Chancery, the said Ben. Thomas Hopkinson [sic] being the committee of the Estate of the said lunatic'.

T71/429 p. 125: Ben. Thomas Hopkinson appears to have registered 99 enslaved persons belonging to John Thomas Hopkinson on Plantation Drill in 1832, but the sign is marked 'pp'.

T71/1255: John Thomas Hopkinson was an illegitimate son of John Hopkinson (in fact of Benjamin Hopkinson, John's brother, according to London Baptism records of 1798) and a lunatic under care in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire (according to an order of court dated 26/01/1836).

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British Guiana
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East Hog

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