British Guiana 1917A

28th Mar 1836 | 14 Enslaved | £479 4s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.

T71/886: claim by Alice Bollers, attorney for the heirs of F. Chevely. Ceded to the counterclaim of Charles Cheveley. Counterclaim also from Andrew Gallway, as the administrator of Frances Barry (deceased). 'Order of court to deliver over the Slaves Hannah & Clarissa to petitioner'.

T71/1610: two letters, dated 11/05/1835 and 08/08/1835, from J.C. Cheveley, Liverpool, referring to this claim and asking for any news on a claim for the minors Chevely of Liverpool.

T71/433 p. 2202: 14 enslaved persons, belonging to the heirs of F. Chively [sic], residing in Liverpool, were registered in 1832 by his attorney Alice Bollers.

T71/1592 p. 195: letter, dated 10/10/1835, to  J. Cheveley, care of T. & D. Wilkins, Liverpool.

T71/1259: counterclaim from Charles Chiveley, of the City of London, a clerk in the Bank of England, as trustee under the marriage settlement of John C. Chevely and Frances Chevely, born Barry, his spouse.

T71/1259: petition of counterclaim [sic] of the City of London by the attorney William Bollers to Charles Wray, CJ of British Guiana 7/9/1831: on or about 3/6/1819, Frances Barry the mother [sic] of first-named petitioner died. Left 4 children, J.C. Stewart, Daniel Stewart, Mary Rennie married to John Patterson of Liverpool and 'your petitioner' [=Frances Barry].  Frances Barry had later married [Sept-Oct 1826] J.C. Cheveley of Liverpool. Frances Barry senior's will left £50 per annum to JCS for 12 years then £300; left 2 slaves to Frances Barry and use of house in Kingston to Mary Rennie Patterson, £100 per annum for 12 years to Frances Barry her daughter.

Letter, dated 01/12/1835, to the Bank of England from Charles Cheveley, stating: 'Mrs Alice Bollers having incorrectly claimed compensation for 14 slaves of F. Cheveley deceased, I beg to state that  the claim should have been made in my name as Trustee under the marriage settlement of John C. Cheveley and Frances Cheveley. I therefore beg permission to amend the claim accordingly.'  The claim was amended to the counterclaimant as trustee of the heirs of Frances Cheveley (deceased).

John C. Cheveley's Journal Vol. 2 p. 164 : note by John C. Chevely II identifies Richard Barry as John C. Chevely II's maternal grandfather (i.e. the father of Frances Barry) as an Irish Catholic cotton planter in British Guiana, who died young, leaving a son and daughter. His estate was sold off (p. 154). Frances Barry was the half-sister by a different father of  'Mrs Pattinson' (John Pattinson's wife); 'I had a hint that she [Mrs Pattinson] considered herself by her mother having left property to her sister which she ought to have had.' p. 170 refers to the property their mother had left behind in Demerara, managed by WP and John Pattinson.

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