Dominica 13 (Princes Grove)

23rd Jan 1836 | 70 Enslaved | £1576 12s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 313.

T71/881: counterclaim from Walter Cockburn, of Edinburgh, a merchant, as a mortgagee and assignee for £1900 versus Henry John Glanville, the owner.

T71/1609: letter, dated 22/8/1835, from Wm Healing, of Laurence Lane, stating that Henry John Glanville, of Dominca, a Barrister at law, has preferred the claim for 70 enslaved persons on the Princes Grove estate and 11 enslaved persons in Rosea. By an assignment dated 29/05/1835, he has assigned it to Walter Cockburn, of Edinburgh, as a security for £1900 sterling plus interest. Mr Cockburn is to hold any surplus there may be in Trust for Mr Glanville. The value of the enslaved persons is given as £4120 sterling and £474 sterling.

See also Dominica claim no. 837.

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Princes Grove

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