Grenada 464 (Point Saline and Bellevue Estates)

11th Apr 1836 | 30 Enslaved | £693 12s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312.

Shown as a split award -

464A: £673 8s 6d went to Francis la Barrie.

464B: £23 4s 5d went to Francis la Barrie.

'Report as to the freedom of one of the slaves recd. from colony 30/3/1836'. Award for £673 8s 6d, 'preserving the average value of the slaves to bide the decision of the Home (?) Commissioners as to her freedom'.

T71/1229 (Counterclaims): counterclaim from Wm. Fitzgerald, a planter of Trinidad, claiming assignment of the compensation money to himself in exchange for £5000 currency. Indre of assignment for £2000 atttached, dated 17/03/1835. However, the counterclaim was withdrawn (settled?).

T71/333 p. 1 and p. 3: John and Victor La Barrie registered enslaved persons in St George in 1834.

T71/333 pp. 4-5: enslaved persons were registered by Francis la Barrie in 1834.

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Point Saline and Bellevue Estates

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