Hymen Cohen

Partnership Role

H & J Cohen
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Co-partnership of Hymen Cohen and Judah Cohen, carried on here under the firm of Hymen Cohen & Company will from this day be continued under the said firm by Hymen Cohen and Judah Cohen, of London, and Ellis Wolfe of Kingston Jamaica


  1. Partnership betwen Hymen Cohen, Judah Cohen and Ellis Wolfe in Mansell Street under the firm of Hymen Cohen and Company and in Kingston Jamaica under the firm of Wolfe and Cohens as merchants dissolved by mutual consent, retirement of Ellis Wolfe, Hymen and Judah Cohen continue


  1. January 1 1825 the co-partnerships hitherto existing in Kingston Jamaica under the firms of Cohens, Brothers and Co., and Cohens, Brothers, and in London under the firm of Hymen and Judah Cohen and Co., are this day dissolved by mutual consent. Messrs Hymen and Judah Cohen to pay claims and receive payments. Signatories are Hymen, Judah, Andrew, Alexander H. And J. H. Cohen.


  1. Dissolution of partnership between Hymen and Judah Cohen of Mansell Street Goodmans Fields and in Jamaica or any other firm or firms, or otherwise however from 1/1/1828   

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