Clement Tudway Swanston

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Swanston & Co.



Clement T Swanston's father Sherland was a clerk and then partner in John Mills'  sugar business in London. Clement T Swanston appears to have inherited assets from his brother Sherland Hill Swanston's partnership with William Clarke: Clement T Swanson himself appears to have been a barrister not a merchant.


D. W. Thoms, 'The Mills family: London sugar merchants of the 18th Century', Business History, 11 (1) (January, 1969), pp. 3-10; Mills & Swanston failed LG No. 12168 p. 7

Firm Notes

  1. This appears to be a new and separate partnership to Mills & Swanston (q.v.). The partnership of Mills's & Swanston had been bankrupt in 1781. In his will proved in 1803 Sherland Swanston provided an elaborate account of his two partnerships with John Mills, one of which Mills's & Swanston was brought to bankruptcy he said by the actions of Matthew Towgood, an executor of John Mills; a second later partnership of Mills & Swanston he asserted had assets of £75,000, ample to cover its liabilities.

  2. Sherland Hill Swanston and William Clark dissolve partnership, it having expired, at Fen Court Fenchurch Street 1/5/1825.

  3. 1890 partners in Swanston and Co., at No. 1 Laurence Poutney-Hill = John Alexander Swanston; Joseph Miller; John Turnbull Foreman; Henry Augustus Clarke (petitioning for winding up of Cardiff and Newcastle Steam Coal Company Limited)

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