Clement Tudway Swanston

1783 - 19th Apr 1863

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of She(r)land Swanston (d. 1803) and Frances Hill. KC (1832) then QC. His claim for compensation appears to have flowed from his brother Sherland Hill Swanston's partnership with William Clarke, but might relate instead to his father's firm of Mills and Swanston.

  1. John Mills and Sherland [sic] Swanston of Great St Helens trading as Mills's & Swanston bankrupt 1781. Sherland Hill Swanston (son of Sherland) and Stephen Clarke, coal-merchants of Charterhouse Square dissolve partnership 06/02/1806 [sic]; Sherland Hill Swanston and William Clark dissolve partnership as merchants at Fen Court 06/07/1825.   

  2. Fellow of the Royal Society.  Barrister and QC.  [The Clement T. Swanston who was made QC in 1861 is the son, and it must be this son who was the author of the Trinity College Annual Essay Prize on 'the conditions which must exist among a people to admit of the successful working of constitutional monarchy' (1853)].

  3. Resided Holly House Twickenham from c. 1838.  'Mr Swanston, an eminent chancery lawyer and a gentleman of great literary and artistic tastes, whose valuable library has recently been sold, resided in it for many years.  His son, Mr C. T. Swanston, succeeded his father in the occupation of the house, but within the last few years he has left and disposed of it'.  Married Mary Jane daughter of Lt Col Swann Hill 1827. Holly House was demolished in 1905.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 361 (Gravenor's).

  1. Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 51 (1781) p. 96: London Gazette, Issue 13853, p. 49. See also D.W.Thoms 'The Mills family: London sugar merchants of the 18thC' Business History Vol. 11 Issue 1 Jan. 1969 pp. 3-10; London Gazette, Issue 16261, 27/05/1809, p. 768; London Gazette, Issue 18155, 16/07/1825, p. 1249.

  2. The Athenaeum, no. 595, 23/02/1839, p. 223.

  3. Rev. R. S. Cobbett, Memorials of Twickenham: parochial and topographical (London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1872) p. 360, footnote on the younger C.T. Swanston's possession of Lord Bacon's fork and spoon., The county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland [database on-line].

Further Information

Mary Swann Hill
Clement T. Swanston (1832-1879)
Wealth at death

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£891 5s 11d
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1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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Firm Investment
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Clement T Swanston's father Sherland was a clerk and then partner in John Mills'  sugar business in London. Clement T Swanston appears to have inherited assets from his brother Sherland Hill...

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Royal Society...... 
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For the full record of Swanston's membership of the Royal Society see Royal...

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Public memorial
Marble bust of Clement Tudway Swanston by Evan Thomas 1856 

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Son → Father

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Holly House, Twickenham, Middlesex, South-east England, England