John Wedderburn of Auchterhouse

Partnership Role

Wedderburn, Webster

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. In 1796, the existing partners John Wedderburn and David Webster added Sir David Wedderburn as a third partner with a 1/6th partnership interest. In 1798 Andrew Colvile was admitted. David Webster died in 1801. In 1810 James Wedderburn and Alexander Seaton [sic] were admitted as partners. Sir David Wedderburn retired in 1815, and John Wedderburn died in 1821, whereupon the second John Wedderburn was taken in as a partner.

  2. Dissolution by mutual consent of partnership as West India merchants under the firm of Colvile Wedderburn & Co., between Andrew Colvile, James Wedderburn, Alex. Seton and John Wedderburn 1 May 1830; continued by Colvile and Seton as Colvile & Co.    

Firm Sources

  1. Wedderburn v Wedderburn, Reports of Cases the Several Courts of Law and Equity in England during the year 1839, (1840) Vol. II pp. 52-58.

  2. London Gazette 18687 4/6/1830 p. 1108