John Wedderburn of Auchterhouse

8th Jan 1798 - 2nd Apr 1839


Second son of John Wedderburn of Spring Garden (q.v.) and Mary Wisdom Bedward (q.v.). He joined the firm Wedderburn and Co. upon his father's death in 1820. His brother, James Wedderburn of Leadenhall St. (q.v.), was already a partner. Both retired from the firm at the same time in 1830. John Wedderburn inherited Prospect estate (Hanover) from his father, which he owned until his death in 1845.

In 1823 he married Lady Helen Ogilvy (youngest daughter of Walter, 5th Earl of Airlie). Together they had 3 sons and 1 daughter:

John Walter Wedderburn (1824-1879) - entered the Black Watch, with whom he served in the West Indies during the 1840s. In 1850 he was appointed aide-de-camp to Field Marshal Sir John Foster Fitzgerald in Barbados. Married Margaret Anne Whaite and had 2 sons and 1 daughter. The elder son entered the church and the younger, Charles David St Clair Wedderburn, became a railway engineer in India.

James Alexander Wedderburn (1825-1854) - Educated Haileybury College and entered East India Company 1848, serving the in Madras Presidency. Married Marion Melvill (daughter of Sir James Cosmo Melvill, secretary to the East India Company and later Under Secretary of State for India). They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom were born in India. Their son Alexander Wedderburn compiled the family history The Wedderburn Book in 1898.

David Ogilvy Wedderburn (1826-1853) - Entered the EIC Army, but was soon killed by elephant when hunting.

Helena Georgina Elizabeth Wedderburn (1830-post 1898) - Married Andrew Webster of Rutherford Castle.

The family lived successively in London, Beddington Park , Surrey (1823-26) and from 1826 at Auchterhouse, co. Forfar. From 1821-26 John Wedderburn was secretary to the Highland Society of London. He was an antiquarian and genealogist, producing a history of the Wedderburns in 1824.


Lyon v Colvile, Reports of cases decided in High Court of Chancery, Vol.28, 1851.

Alexander Wedderburn, The Wedderburn Book: a history of the Wedderburns in the counties of Berwick and Forfar, designed of Wedderburn, Kingennie, Easter Powrie, Blackness, Balindean and Gosford, 1296-1896 (Published privately, 1898), pp. 347-351.

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Wedderburn, Webster
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