John Simpson

Partnership Role

Davison, Simpson & Davison
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

1.Thorne, House of Commons 1790-1820 identifes John Simpson (MP for Mitchell 1799-1802) from his will [1803] as partner of his nephew Crawford Davison at Warnford Court, previously at Hatton Court.


  1. a) Partnership between Crawford Davison and Charles Robert Simpson of New Broad Street West India merchants and commission agents under the firm of Davison and Simpson 'has for a considerable time past been dissolved by mutual consent'; b) partnership  between Crawford Davison the elder, Charles Robert Simpson and Crawford Davison the younger West India merchants and commission agents has been dissolved by mutual consent from the 1st day of January last so far as relates to Charles Robert Simpson, all debts due to and from to be received and paid by Messrs Davison at the counting-house at New Broad Street.

Firm Sources

  1. R.G. Thorne House of Commons 1790-1820 Vol. 1 [?] p. 176.


  1. London Gazette 19149 25/4/1834 p. 754 (two separate successive announcements)