James Daly

Company Role

Jamaica Steam Navigation Company

Shipping (Colonial - Caribbean)


Shown as a Director in 1838 in Henry Pinckards' highly critical account of the running of the firm. James Daly was exempted from Pinckard's strictures.

Firm Notes

  1. Formed to have a capital of £100,000 (5000 shares of £20 each, allocated 3500 to Britain and 1500 to Jamaica) As of 24/06/1837 Henry Pinckard alleged that 2380 were held by directors and their families.

  2. 6th August 1838: Directors refused to call an AGM, prompting Pinckard's pamhlet.  Directors = EFGreen (Chairman) and Charles Green (brother of EFGreen) both of 147 Leadenhall St.; Adolphus Pugh Johnson of Lloyds; William Elmslie of 24 York Street Portman Square; Captain John Rees Blackheath; Arthur Timperon 26 Philpot Lane; James Daly Lambeth Lodge, Commercial Road. Secretary = A.W. Elmslie. Co. Formed 1836.  3 boats purchased, only 2 ever get to Jamaica. All 3 sold for £16000 [an unquantified  loss: the cost of the Pearl is given as £9000 and it was sold for £2000].   James Daly exonerated by Pinckard 'he having repeatedly protested against it' [ambiguous as to whether 'it' = the 3rd boat, The Pearl, or the whole conduct.] Payment of £750 to EFGreen, without consent of Jamaica or English proprietors.


Capital was to be £100,000, in £20 shares, 3,500 allocated in England; 1,500 in Jamaica.   List of proprietors show vast bulk of shares held by Directors [1380 by James Daly; 120 by EFGreen; 160 by Charles Green; 295 by Wm Elmslie; 405 by clerk and relatives of EFGreen], but also include B. Maddan London 50 'Did reside at Worthing'; Netlam Tory Liverpool 50; the Mulhollands in Liverpool; Robert Porter 100; George Kirlew York 30.

Firm Sources

  1. Henry Pinckard, Observations on the Management and Extraordinary Losses of the Jamaica Steam Navigation Company (London 1838, by Henry Pickard Esq., an Auditor of the Company [http://www.archive.org/stream/observationsonm00pincgoog/observationsonm00pincgoog_dvju.tx

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