Charles Brooke

Partnership Role

Brooke Webb & Co.
Name partner


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Firm Notes

Related to Brooke Smith (q.v.) and Brooke Struth through common address and through Charles Brooke as common partner, and to James Bogle Smith (q.v.)

  1. Bristol: the partnership carried on by Henry Brooke, Abram Robarts, Charles Brooke and John Chalmers Rose, as merchants and importers of Spanish wool under the firm of Henry Francis Brooke and Co., was dissolved by mutual consent so far as relates to Abram Robarts 31/12/1807 [signed Henry Brooke, Abram Robarts, Charles Brooke 'for myself and as executor of H. F. Brooke amd J.C. Rose]  31/12/1808]  

  2. The partnership that lately subsisted between the undersigned Mary Ann Brooke as executrix of Henry Brooke Esq., deceased, Henry Brooke Rose now deceased and the undersigned Anselmo de Gamboa, in the business of Spanish wool-merchants carried on in the City of Bristol under the firm Henry Francis Brooke and Co., expired 31/12/1832 by effluxion of time, the said Anselmo de Gamboa authorised to receive debts dated 14/12/1835 Mary Ann Brooke, A. De Gamboa, Jane Barbara Rose, admix of Henry Brooke Rose deceased   

Firm Sources

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