Neill Malcolm 12th of Poltalloch

Partnership Role

Stirling, Gordon & Co.

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. The subscribers John Gordon, James Fyffe, and Neill Malcolm ceased to be partners in Stirling Gordon & Company 31/5/1828, carried on by Charles Stirling, Wm Stirling, C. Stirling jun., Wm Leckie Ewing who have admitted David Orme Cuthbert Malcolm, son of said Neill Malcolm, as partner with them (Notice, Glasgow June 9 1828).


  1. In consequence of the death of Charles Stirling merchant in Glasgow his interest as a partner in the company carried on in Glasgow under the firm of Stirling Gordon and Company ceased upon the 31/5/1829. Archibald Stirling, exor of Charles Stirling.


  1. William Leckie Ewing, Henry Mackenzie Fowler cease to be partners in Stirling Gordon, carried on by William Stirling, Graham Russell and William Stirling jun. 31/5/1845.


  1. Graham Somervell of Hamilton's Farm, formerly Graham Russell Merchant in Glasgow ceased to be partner in Stirling Gordon and company, Merchants in Glasgow and Jamaica 31/5/1857 by expiration of contract, continued by Wm Stirling and Wm Stirling jun.


  1. Sequestration of estates of Stirling Gordon and Company, Merchants in Glasgow, and William Stirling, only individual partner of said Company, 17/12/1864 by Sheriff of Lanarkshire

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