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The 'Splendid and Valuable Library' of Rev. Theodore Williams was sold by auction over 15 days by Stewart, Wheatley and Adlard in April 1827. The identification of the owner as Rev. Theodore Williams of Hendon is supported by e.g. the provenance given by Sotheby's for its sale of the Bodmer Virgil for £1,688,000 05/07/2005 in its Western Manuscripts sale in London, when it showed his life-dates as 1785-1875 and dated his sale as 05/04/1827 and the Virgil as lot no. 1802. Other sources show Rev. Theodore Williams of the sale dying in 1826, e.g. Eddy, Donald D. "Richard Hurd's Editions of Horace and the Bowyer Ledgers." Studies in Bibliography 48 (1995): 148-69.


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Catalogue of the Splendid and Valuable Library of Rev. Theodore Williams