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The dates listed below have different categories as denoted by the letters in the brackets following each date. Here is a key to explain those letter codes:

  • SD - Association Start Date
  • SY - Association Start Year
  • EA - Earliest Known Association
  • ED - Association End Date
  • EY - Association End Year
  • LA - Latest Known Association
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Attorney
1826 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Owner
1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Attorney

Note that this might be John Henry Nurse (q.v.).


[No name given.]

Estate Information (2)

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[Number of enslaved people] 125(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of Joseph Seale, Attorney, the property of Joshua B. Nurse. Previously 4 enslaved. Changes: 109 inherited from the estate of Thomas Nurse, deceased. Gift of E. H. Nurse: 5; births: 14; deaths: 7.

T71/536 122-25
[Number of enslaved people] 121(Tot)  

Return of John H. Nurse, Attorney, the property of Joshua Bushell Nurse. NB that John H. Nurse may in fact be John Henry Nurse (q.v.), that Joshua Bushell Nurse also held property in St Michael, Kirton estate. The relationship between that one and this is not clear.

T71/544 143