Stoney Hill or Belle Vue

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£3,674 13S 1D
This is a tentative association. No estate called Belle Vue has been found in the Slave Registers; conversely no estate called Stoney Hill has been found in the compensation records. Each was associated in the respective sources with Samuel Warner was owner, and both had approximately the same number of enslaved people. Support for the identification of these as referring to the same single estate is provided by the appearance of 'Belle Vue/Stoney Hill' as a composite name in e.g. Appendix V, 'Historic estates within the BPW and adjacent areas', in Kevel C. Lindsay and Jean-Pierre Bacle, Ecological Characterisation of the Body Ponds Watershed, Antigua , [accessed 15/04/2016], which refers also to historic map codes in Plantations of Antigua by Agnes Meeker, 2007.


No estate called Stoney Hill on Antigua has ben found in the compensation records: but Samuel Warner claimed and was awarded the compensation for Belle Vue, with approximately the same number of people as registered for Stoney Hill. Belle Vue does not appear in the Slave Registers. It therefore appears that the estate changed its name between 1832 and 1834 or was mis-described in 1834.

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[Number of enslaved people] 362(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

Samuel Warner proprietor. No estate given: this entry is inferred to relate to Stoney Hill but Samuel Warner claimed compensation on 'Belle Vue.'

T71/245 572-579
[Number of enslaved people] 361(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

Samuel Warner prop. The 1821 Register shows him registering 361 enslaved people versus 362 in the prior registration. Inferred to be Stoney Hill.

T71/246 309-312
[Number of enslaved people] 241(Tot)  
[Name] Stoney Hill  

Samuel Warner proprietor Stoney Hill estate. 125 people had been sold to John Furlonge Esq. since the previous registration.

T71/248 749-754
[Number of enslaved people] 261(Tot)  
[Name] Stoney Hill  

Samuel Warner proprietor plantation Stoney Hill

T71/249 759-764
[Number of enslaved people] 255(Tot)  
[Name] Stoney Hill  

Samuel Warner proprietor plantation Stoney Hill

T71/250 680-685